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Communication Videos

Since its creation in 2014 by Marine Thevenet, Race Com’ has specialised in producing quality videos for publicity and communication for both racing and equestrian professionals : trainers, owners, dealers and breeders.

For trainers

Videos of your owners horses which you can share with them, and also videos of foals, yearlings and youngsters which you often wouldn’t have the time to visit at their breeders.

For owners

Videos of your horses in training that you don’t have the time to visit to see them working. Race Com’ is there to film them and send the video directly to you.

For bloodtsock agents

Videos of horses in training that you are considering buying and also foals and yearlings at their breeders. You will then have the necessary quality visuals to use with your clients.

For breeders

Videos of the fruits of your work which are going to be either sent for training or sold-on for their future careers. Trainers often don’t have the time to travel France looking for the future champion. You will also have quality visuals of your produce on file for reference. If you also have mares under contract you can show your clients their youngsters.

Trainers, Breeders and Studs

Race Com’ can also produce promotional videos for your activity, site and overall business.

Multiple formats are available : Internet, video platforms (Vimeo, Youtube), social media (Facebook, Twitter) and digital memory devices (DVD, USB).

Communication Web

A Franco-Irish collaboration

Communication is today a fundamental element in the development of any business.

That is why, in 2016, Marine Thevenet and Sally Ann Grassick have decided to combine their abilities and know-how to offer racing and equestrian professionals the chance to lighten their workload.

With the goal of promoting your activity and infrastructure to the wider public, they will manage the complete creation, development and delivery of your external communication tools – Internet Site and social media accounts.

You will benefit with full visibility for other professionals and newcomers with no additional burden to your daily workload.

Marinne Thévenet

+33 (0)6 79 59 97 49

Sally Ann Grassick

+33 (0)6 19 06 39 05


Internal communication

As we are constantly trying to simplify and improve daily communication for racing and equestrian professionals, Race Com’ now offer to produce “Progress Reports” to be sent on to relevant owners and Racing Managers. The “Progress Reports” are written and edited with full confidentiality and can also contain photographs and videos as required.


To announce events or to promote an activity and/or result, Race Com’ will create graphic media for you such as posters and leaflets.


Race Com’ can also organise activities such as open-house events on behalf of racing and equestrian professionals. We can manage and coordinate the various contractors (caterers, equipment hire …) and even welcome owners and clients on the day of the event or during race meetings.

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